What's the deal with insurance and trackers?

Can a tracker really lower my car insurance?

It's time to debunk the myth once and for all:
Can installing a car tracker really lower your insurance premium?
The answer is yesā€¦ and no.

Unfortunately, in South Africa, car insurance is a necessary evil that you think you don't need, till you do and it tends to come at a high price ā€“ but is it possible to lower your insurance premium?

We've all heard that the installation of a tracking system on our cars forces our insurance providers to lower our monthly premiums, but the truth of this rumour is that it only applies in certain instances.

When it comes to insurance, your premium is based on your personal risk factors and the risk factors of your car. What are the risk factors of your car exactly? Some cars are at a higher risk of being stolen due to their demand and the ability for their car parts to be used interchangeably with other vehicles. More expensive vehicles are also at a higher risk of being stolen. With this in mind, car insurance providers are able to decide whether installing a car tracker will lower your premium or not.

"Installing a tracker in your car has a number of benefits; giving you peace of mind that if your car is stolen, it is more likely to be recovered."

In the instance where your car is not in particularly high demand ā€“ based on the make, model, manufacture date and colour ā€“ your insurer is more likely to reduce your premium when you install a car tracker. Installing a tracker in your car has a number of benefits; giving you peace of mind that if your car is stolen, it is more likely to be recovered. The concealed panic button that is installed along with the tracker can also help you to alert your tracking company if you are in a distressing situation such as a hijacking.

It's important to remember that your car insurance provider will usually reduce your premium by a similar amount to what you will be paying the tracking company.

In certain instances, an insurer will not deem the installation of a tracker as a basis to reduce your monthly premium, but rather as a prerequisite for buying the car. At selected car dealerships, you will not be allowed to drive the car out of the lot without having taken out the necessary car insurance. This is usually the case with cars that have a particularly high risk of being stolen. Unfortunately, your situation may be similar to this one and your premium will, therefore, remain the same.

If you are hoping to reduce your car insurance by installing a car tracker, remember to shop around. Some insurers may offer you a discount based on your risk factors, where others may not.

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