Driving Tips to Save You Money


In a time where things cost us more and more, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Driving well is one way that you can save money on your car and even earn benefits with some insurers.

Ease Up On Your Brakes

Hitting your brakes too hard or too close to a stop is not good for your car. Braking gradually will help reduce wear-and-tear on your tyres and the risk of any unfortunate accidents. In addition, certain insurers have begun to reward customers based on the way they drive.

Drive Sensibly

Don’t drive aggressively. When driving through areas with many robots and speed bumps, drive at a consistent speed rather than speeding up and slowing down. A consistent speed will reduce fuel consumption.

Lower Revs, Higher Reward

Try to keep your rev count below 2600 rpm to save on your fuel. When attempting to get your car up to optimal speed, it may seem best to get your revs up before changing gears, but keeping your car at a lower rpm is actually better on your car’s fuel consumption.

Fill Your Tank In The Morning

Fill your tank in the morning rather than during the day. When fuel becomes hot it expands and evaporates. If you fill up at midday when the sun is warmest, you will be getting less fuel in your tank with more of it evaporating and it will burn faster while generating less energy.

"Despite what you may think, fuel is not the same price at every petrol station. Take a look around your neighbourhood and scout the stations"

Don’t Miss Your Service

Your service is not only good for keeping your car in good condition; it’s also necessary to keep your car running optimally. No one can deny the feeling of a freshly serviced car which runs better and consumes less fuel.

Lighten Your Load

A heavier car requires more petrol to make it move. Don’t keep unnecessary weight in your car.

Find Your Cheapest Neighbourhood Fuel Station

Despite what you may think, fuel is not the same price at every petrol station. Take a look around your neighbourhood and scout the stations on the way to work to find which one of them retail petrol and diesel for less.

Alternate Between Aircon And Open Windows

The best practice is to use the aircon when driving at constant high speeds. In the suburbs or in town you should rather open your windows when driving slowly over shorter distances.

Don’t pay more than you have to, to get where you need to go. Use these simple tips to reduce wear-and-tear and reduce the overall expenditure on your car. Fill in the form to receive a car insurance quote that matches your lifestyle and fits your pocket.

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